The Kansas Statewide Fourth of July Weekend Trans-Tour
Day Two Summary

Wakeeney IGA was the first stop. We had permission to stop there, but I didn't have the name of the person who gave permission.

Note to self: Know the name next time.

A young woman who worked there came walking up to the store and I asked her if I could ask her a few questions about people who are transgender. She said she needed to get to work and I said ok.

A few minutes later, Gary, the asst manager, came out and told me he didn't want me out there.

Quite honestly,I should have known who gave us permission.

We stopped again in Wakeeney at Kansas Country Cafe and talked to Jenny who didn't know a lot about transgender, but talked with me a bit and said that people need to find happiness, life is difficult enough as it is.

Next up was Oakley at Casey's General Store. Just inside the door at a couple of tables were six big manly looking men.

I did not have a good feeling about this stop, and I passed on it.

I hope, and I believe that this was about me having an understanding that a transsexual woman needs to be careful about revealing who she is, and not about my own prejudices.

I will spend some introspective time on this.

Four ladies came out in Colby to hear me share my story. Great questions and discussion. Each of them said they were there to learn.

In Garden City I visited with a woman who works with a transgender person who is in transition. She said, "Very nice person, I just love him to death."

In Dodge City, I spoke with Samantha Rose. She is so brave. An openly transgender woman in Dodge City, Kansas. I have known Samantha for several months now. She volunteers every day at New Hope Ministries, a local clothing bank.

Samantha says that most people in Dodge City are accepting of her, and there are only a few who look down on her.

Next up was Greensburg. I spoke with two young women who said that transgender was about men who dress as girls, that it isn't right and it's kind of weird.

Spoke with another woman who said that she didn't want to talk about it because it was too personal.

In Pratt, a woman said about transgender people, "I guess a person needs to be open to what God's telling them, and if that's what it is, then she's not going to judge them.

In Wichita, I visited with two awesome transmen over dinner.

Until tomorrow, Stephanie