A community education event

Our goals are: 

  • To present clear, balanced, and accurate information about the transgender community.
  • To provide an opportunity to see the issue in personal way.
  • To facilitate discussion regarding the inclusion of transgender people.  

Speakers and Panelists

We have a variety of speakers, with a variety of different life experiences and qualifications.

Introduction (5-20 minutes)

  • This is our opportunity to explain why we are here and to introduce the audience to what we will be covering.
  • It is also important for our audience to understand the terms and models that we will be using during our presentation. This can be set-up as an interactive exercise, an academic lecture, or somewhere in between. The language will be customized to your group (faith, health care, law enforcement, etc).

Module #1: Panel (40-60mins)

  • Telling our story – learning about the transgender community can break stereotypes and help our audience put a human face to an issue they may not have encountered personally.
  • Teaching issues – it is important that our audience leave with facts about transgender people, so that our audience understands that this is broader than one or two peoples’ experience.
  • Question – This gives our audience a chance to clear up anything that may be confusing to them and lets them explore other topics that are of interest to them in addition to what we already covered.

Module # 2: Movie (30-120mins)

  • Movie – A selected film of your choosing. We have a variety of different films.
  • Discussion – This is a time when our audience can apply the information you’ve given them. In particular, we encourage our audience to talk about how transgender people are treated in our community, our experience with transgender people, and ways in which we, as a community, can be more inclusive. 

Module #3: Workshop/Presentation (40-120 mins)

             The presentation or workshop can be customized to fit the needs of your group or agency.

Disclaimer: This outline is designed to provide a general overview of the educational structure. Each educational event can be tailored to fit the context and/or formatting of your group’s needs. Think of it as a la cart! This outline is posted with the permission of the Lawrence Chapter of Kansas Equality Coalition’s Task Force on Transgender Education.